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About Us

Cavender Home Theater has been serving North Texas and Southern Oklahoma for more than twenty years. We provide the best in sales and service including DISH NETWORK, Satellite Internet, Flat Panel Televisions, Antenna Installation and repair and much much more.

Cavender Home Theater was established in 1979. We were originally known as Howe antenna service installing off air antennas. In those days there were no satellite systems available to the average tv viewer. Chris Cavender installed and service television antennas for residents in Howe Texas and surrounding areas.

In 1981 C band satellites became somewhat affordable. Chris Cavender purchased his Channel Master TVRO system and demo trailer. He spent many a weekend at a trades day or other venue proving to people that had never seen this new technology that they could get two dozen channels at their house. The early newspaper ads produced by Channel Master touted that this new technology was priced ” as inexpensive as a compact car. The prices came down as demand rose and the C Band satellite was very popular for many years.

In the early 1990′s a company formed called PrimeStar. Using a much smaller one meter antenna PrimeStar was the first fully pay tv service with dozens of channels with the capability to watch different programming in up to four rooms.

Then On June 17, 1994 DirecTv launched the first mini dish system broadcasting over a hundred channels in digital format. Cavender began installing these systems in 1995. The early systems cost $899 for the main receiver and $649 for an additional receiver.

Cavender began offering DISH tv in 1997. Dish Network launched EchoStar I, in December 1995. DISH now operates 9 different satellites delivery video and internet with the most advanced technology available. Plans are to soon offer telephone service as well.

Cavender Home Theater offers DISH tv and DishNet internet services. Cavender has grown way beyond just satellite tv. Cavender Home Theater now offers a full line of audio and video components and custom installation services. We have not forgotten our roots and still today install off air antennas. With digital signals customers can get HD quality without paying for programming if their needs are basic. Some customers also have an antenna as a back up to a satellite system.